Emerging Photographer’s BS



Ive got an email from a magazine called Emerging Photographer to submit my work.

I didnt know how they know I am a photographer but i didnt really care because i was glad that id have a chance to show my works to big audience that the magazine might have.

to submit the photos i have to register first to find it will cost me $20 for each photo.

i was planning to submit 10 photos of mine which will cost me $200.

guess how long it will take for them to look at 10 photos on the computer screen!

1 minute—probably less than that.

what makes me feel bad about this is that they should know most of the photographers, who are in college and who just graduated, are on budget.

most of them dont have enough money.

what do you expect from the new job seekers who just graduated from college?

having a whole bunch of money or something?

unless their parents are really a big shot, most of them are working at restaurants delivering some food or something.

most of the photographers, photojournalists and journalists wannabe know how hard it is to get attention in the market, and most of them are eager to earn some type of attention that will potentially lead them to get a full-time job and freelance works.

but it seems like its impossible to get attention without someone’s financial supports.

i have several friends who can reveal this bias.

The guy whose name sean something, who i once personally met. he has to do wedding photography to be a war photographer. hes still doing both.

another one of the most talented photographers, i know through University of Missouri’s photojournalism program that I personally attended.

She’s just got a job that has nothing to do with photography, probably because shes tired of working as a part timer.

you re the one who makes us love taking pictures. but no one tells us how to survive in this competitive field that is full of passionate talented photojournalists, who are willing to risk their lives bearing financial burden themselves.

Another friend of mine just switched her sequence from photojournalism to magazine, even though it’s obvious she still love photography.

i understand most of the young photographers have to put up with financial problem.

big-ass news agencies including al jazeera hires journalism interns without paying them anything.

i have several friends who cant afford to such fancy internships.

but i believe any publication in the journalism field is not supposed to take advantage of their passion.

What the fuck makes you think its cool to make someone work without paying anything—do you think you are so cool to pay someone without experience or crap? then hire someone with experience like randy olson or some big shots.

the problem is that if this trend continue to go on, journalism field will be filled with some kids with middle class background, wearing abercrombie and probably ralph lauren.

they wont be able to see what they are missing—fault lines will be fault lines like forever.

$200? you should pay me $200 for having a chance to look at my work.


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