“Producers” Review




“My momma always said, “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get,” is well-known quote. That is so true, and it can be applied for the journalists—especially for photojournalists. Even though they have plans about how they will organize the story but most of the case, the plan will be likely to be modified, simply because they can’t control the subjects.
My plan was to shoot the video of their lives without showing how they are working on their arts, and in the end i would be about to show each of their works without unveiling artists’ name on the works. My plan was to unveil the artists’ lives who love their works, apart from money. But i couldnt ever go to where the artists were at the right time for whatever the reason was.
After giving up shooting of their mundane lives, due to the coming deadline, I had interviews with the three artists, which might lead the projects to be a typical story about artists. if you know me, i hate to make “the same shit in different toilet.” But sometimes you just have to do what you can do, brainwashing yourself that the next one will be better.
But i still have 12 hours of video shoot anyway, even though most of them are about the artists’ lives, philosophy and love about the arts.
It doesnt sound something you wanna do, but i did look through all the shots i have. and i found the conversation that interests me. in order to do it, i had to kill a lot of shots but im sort of happy about it.
The work ends up becoming a sort of essay or a side of the artists’ lives. As far as photography goes, it sucks. But i like it because it is different from others and because it is my work anyway. “What matters is what it’s showing. It don’t matter how it’s shown,” Eugene Richards reportedly said. do you think i can make an excuse with it?

Because im not a premium member of vimeo, i cant upload on the internet until wed. but you will see if you are interested.


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