profile project

Well, this is not even a story.

i had a plan to greatly make it work. 

But i found myself frustrated when i realized that i failed to make a good relationship with the subject. 

i dont even know why the subject continued to bail on me, but it doesnt really matter because i know i am the one who should be put the blame on. 

i dont even wanna put this project into anywhere. 

it just frustrates me. 

if theres one thing i learned this project was to find i still have a lot to learn. 

while uploading it, i looked at Renee C. Byer’s Mother’s Journey.

and i saw how small i am. 

it is obvious that she made a great rapport with the subjects who allowed her to put herself into their lives. 

what did i do wrong? 

will it be better next time?

i dont know. 

but im gonna do this thing until i feel like i made something. 

almost wanna cry. 



sorry for whining. 

have a good night. 




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